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M.A. (TaM)

Selja Raudas is a visual artist, illustrator and painter from Helsinki. She graduated as a visual artist from the Lahti Art Institute, studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and completed a master’s degree in art at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Raudas’ works have been featured in several solo and group exhibitions since 1989. She has also illustrated several books.

Raudas focuses on the possibilities of the paint medium to create the experience as a visual interpretation. At its best, the painting combines something from a starting point, physical perception of place or light, as well as questions about being – space must also be left for the unknown and chance.

Selja Raudas' art challenges to face the pain of closeness. -- Everyone is a bond to another people. It requires honesty.

Mika Karhu, Visual artist, researcher

Selja Raudas' illustrations accompany the poetical story and tell a tale by its own way. The text and illustrations indicate a strong collaboration. 

Maire Paltare, Ilkka-Pohjalainen, 02.05.2022

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